“Kinesiology under the care of Philip Mann is unique.

Unique because “magic” happens there without really realising what did happen.

This science works on achieving and maintaining balance between one’s physical, mental and emotional states, like an equilateral triangle. It is through the responses to the muscle testing at the wrist and the use of reference material that results and revelations unfold during the session. During 2007 I found myself unable to walk the easy 2km to work with pain in the right hip joint. Following nine appointments with the chiropractor, then a referral to a hip specialist, the MRI x-rays revealed a 3cm tear in the labrum. This is the ring of articular cartilage that runs around the outside of the hip joint.

The courses of action recommended were either (a) an injection of cortico steroid for pain and to settle the hip followed by physio over months, or (b) hip arthroscopy surgery and being off work for some time. Neither options sat well with me. I went to Philip. He suggested that the cortico steroid option would be like heading down to the casino and hedging my bets. It took two sessions, yes you read correctly, two sessions of Philip attending to the mental, physical and emotional presentations at the time to put me back into balance through Kinesiology and I’ve walked confidently on for the last ten years. Now that’s why I say “magic” happens.

No ache in the human body is too small not to mention to Philip. A small area of pain in my right elbow revealed it is associated with a challenged large intestine as well as a lower right leg muscle and the yin-side of the body.

Philip listens and then listens some more.

Eye contact, concentration and relevant note taking from Philip tell me that what is going on for me in my life is important and it’s okay to keep expressing what is coming up for me.

Then he may ask a succinct question. What a punch!! A pandora’s box of emotion and revelation come forth. A path to healing begins.

The emotion and dialogue I expressed from recent heavy duty life changes, through the muscle testing and text books he refers to and his documenting throughout, reveal precisely, and I mean precisely, what the “log jam” is. It is an “A-ha” moment. That’s it, I say and the emotion pours on out.

It is at this point where eye tracking exercises which recuperate brain function, maybe rescue remedy, maybe a type of herb are suggested to address what is presenting at the level of the particular internal organs that are being challenged and what flow on effects this may have throughout other systems in the body.

What I have found so beneficial is Philip’s consistency in asking me to focus on what I want for myself rather than the negative that has just been revealed. Results in healing and moving on are accelerated by focussing on the positives from the session, leaving the cause or log-jam to wither away with the neglect I choose to give it.

I diligently document and undertake what is asked of me. I want to be the best I can be for myself and what and who comes ahead of me. I want to be ready. I will be ready.”

Thank you Philip.

Anne Sydney

“If you ask me why I went to see Philip I couldn’t really tell you. I felt disjointed! Like my life was highly compartmentalized. I was much more ‘in my head’ than I was ‘in my body’ and I just felt like I was banging up against the same stuff all the time even though I didn’t know what that stuff was. It felt old though – like ingrained patterns on a record player I couldn’t stop playing. Now I’ve been to Philip I’m still not entirely sure what he did but whatever it was it worked! I feel settled, whole and happy. I’m living my purpose ev eryday – something Philip was instrumental in helping me clarify.”

K. Robertson

A friend recommended me to Philip.

I spent many years of my life eagerly searching for new ways to maintain an even disposition irrespective of what challenges life put in my way, some days I was “physically and mentally” exhausted.

Time and time again I found myself on an uncomfortable roller coaster ride, not fun if it makes you sick.. taking me days to recover, and feeling bewildered.

With Philips help I was able to identify, isolate, understand, and process known issues, and make conscious changes to replace negatives reactions with proactive and positive behaviour, and this enabled me to reach a consistent state of mindfulness to reach my goals!

I still get to ride the same roller coaster, but now it energises me!!!

Thank you Philip
M Haoui