Recuperation Process

The Process of Recuperation – It can take time

Stresses, traumas, injuries, unresolved grief, emotional issues and unsupportive mental attitudes – these are all of the things that limit our health and use up our energy while we trying to cope with them. Neuro-Training & Kinesiology can facilitate the resolution of these limitations. As a person clears their limitations and stresses they regain their energy for further recuperation.

When a person starts on the path of recuperation, a recuperation crisis may occur. A recuperation crisis is generally misunderstood, but when it is understood, the person looks forward to, and enjoys thoroughly the thought of having a recuperation crisis.  A recuperation crisis is simply the body cleansing itself of emotional stresses, misperceptions, and cleansing its tissues (replacing the old tissues with new). A cleansing crisis is something which is quite often needed by the body to eliminate toxins (emotional and physical) from the deeper recesses otherwise not touched. The body will only undergo a recuperation crisis when it is in a state that it is able to handle and work through it..

In this process the person may experience some old symptoms, as the recuperation process “takes a look” at the unresolved “stuff” and starts to heal it. Don’t worry this is a normal reaction.

It’s a wonderful thing to see and how people can truly reverse the process of degeneration and bring themselves back to a better health state.

With the use of Neuro-Training & Kinesiology we can reduce, if not completely eliminate the discomfort produced while a person is going through a recuperation crisis. However, it is a fact that sometimes when a person is going through a recuperation crisis, it can be more appropriate not to do any balancing as the person is already balancing him/herself. To intervene may deflect energy away from the recuperation process.

It is often difficult to identify the difference between the recuperation crisis and a degenerative process. With Neuro-Training & Kinesiology we can identify the crisis straight away and allow the active recuperation power of the person to carry them through the recuperation they need to go through.

It is sometimes difficult for a person to accept the fact that the recuperation crisis comes at the time when they are feeling their best. Invariably a person will say “but I was feeling really well, it was the best I had felt in my life”.

As there is energy now available for recuperation, it is at this time you can often expect the crisis to occur, and it is at this time when the crisis can do its best work. When a person increases their available energy and when that energy gets into excess, they facilitate their own recovery using this excess energy. At this time the body can do its greatest work. It’s literally ridding the old, so that the new can take its place.