After a Kinesiology Session

As every person is unique in how they recuperate, it is impossible to say exactly how you will feel after a Kinesiology session. Comments that have been made indicate how varied the initial responses can be: I am walking straighter, I feel lighter, I feel calmer, my head feels clearer, I feel very tired, I just want to sleep, I feel very energetic, I feel more alive, the pain has gone, I can move better, etc.

Sometimes the benefits of a Kinesiology session are felt immediately, however, sometimes it takes a little time to settle in, and sometimes the symptoms can get worse before getting better.

Common Responses

If you feel tired after a Kinesiology session then give into the tiredness and try to do a little as possible for the rest of the day and perhaps the evening. This is “giving” your newly retrieved energy (from all those limitations and previously unresolved issues) and allowing your innate recuperation ability to use the energy to further your own healing. Energy is required to reorganise the neurology, to improve your posture, resolve emotional stress, or whatever it is that your body needs to do recuperate. It is important that now you have new energy, you use it to heal yourself.

Feeling very energetic
The key here is not to “spend” all of your newfound energy. It is recommended that you don’t go and party all night, or mow the lawns, or spring clean the house – at least not straight away! Nurture yourself – give yourself the gift of your energy for your own recuperation. Changes can be dramatic and quick. Improvements and changes can be immediate or can be gradual. Be open to the results and benefits that are forthcoming. Changes may also be slow as the body deals with its new choices.

Rest and Recuperation
Rest is an important part of the recuperation process so plan to take it easy. Ensure you drink lots of water and get a good night’s sleep (if possible).

Pamper yourself.  After your Kinesiology session try and relax. Recuperation takes time so give your mind/body that time. Relaxation is an excellent option. Be sure to continue to observe your healing processes. Write up a private diary about your feelings. The mind/body seeks an innate sense of balance, but sometimes the assistance given to re-establish that balance can make you tired or feel out of sorts for a few days. Don’t worry this is normal, comprehensive recuperation does not happen overnight.

Don’t be Disheartened
Sometime a few days or weeks after a session, symptoms can return. This doesn’t necessarily mean the balance was unsuccessful it just means that your body has either chosen the same expression for a different issue or it needs more work on the issue that you addressed in previous session. Kinesiology is not a “one visit wonder” and it may take a few sessions before you start to see long-lasting results.

Working together, we can bring about permanent positive change…