What you may experience in a Kinesiology session

A session is usually very relaxing and passive – After we have talked about what it is that you would like to address, you lie down and relax. I then work on getting behind the symptoms, to try and find what is causing them, and work on helping your body to resolve them.

“When there is resolution, the symptoms can disappear.”

My role is to assist you to find out what is the cause behind your symptoms and find a way to resolve them. The absence of the symptoms is the indication that you have resolved what has caused them.

“When you talk about your issue/s I get the clues to where I need to start my investigation into what is underlying the symptoms.  Then whilst you are relaxing I am working with your subconscious, to find what it is that is stressing you and causing those symptoms.   From there we work on helping you to resolve that stress, and when the stress is resolved, symptoms tend to disappear.”