Values Exercise

What motivates and drives us in life is our values, the decisions we make, the direction we go in, the people we choose to be around, what we choose to do in life is all based on our values.

Initially at least, our values often follow in the footsteps of our parents. If your parents thought an education was important then chances are you think an education is important because they reinforced that view point throughout your up-bringing. If your parents believed that having fun and living each day as it arrives then chances are you will see the world though that same lens.

As we grow into adulthood we either accept our parent’s values or rebel against them – either way our values are directly influenced by those people closest to us. The media, friends, important teachers and siblings also play their part in shaping our values.

In fact this mixing pot of influences can often make it difficult to decide what is ‘right’ or ‘important’ for us. It’s difficult to distinguish where our values end and our parents or friends values begin. This confusion can often mean that we don’t know what direction to take in life because we are operating on a whole bunch of values that we may not even be conscious of and certainly didn’t consciously choose for ourselves.

In my own experience I found myself doing something that I was really good at but at the same time it wasn’t giving me any emotional fulfilment because it wasn’t properly aligned to my values. After a challenging day I would feel a sense of physical accomplishment but also a sense of emotional emptiness that at the time I didn’t quite know how to articulate. That emptiness drove me to continually look for that ‘something else’ that would fill that void.

Through my own exploration of what made me feel good and what consistently made me happy I uncovered my true values and that understanding changed my life. I was them able to align my work to my values so that I feel happy, fulfilled, and excited by what I do every single day. And I help others do the same.

What I realised is that unless you take the time to uncover and articulate your own values you will almost certainly be living someone elses! And that is a sure fire path to unhappiness and distress.

So take charge today! Take the time to uncover your values and allow those insights to reshape your life. Consciously explore what values you resonate with, prioritise them and then use Kinesiology and Neuro training techniques to resolve any conflicts that may exist between what you really value and what you’ve been taught or brought up to value so that you are better able to express who you really are.

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