About Kinesiology

When someone experiences a situation in life where they feel challenged in responding, don’t know what to say or what to do, this creates a stress response and different types of reactions in the body; including the fight, flight & freeze response.

Today because of our busy lives, lack of connection to what’s causing a stress or not having the time to deal with the situation etc., the person can start to create symptoms due to the unexpressed stresses affecting the body.

Resolve is about using Kinesiology (the use of muscle monitoring) to find out what is causing the stress in the person’s life and what symptoms occur as a result. Using Neuro-Training techniques we retrain the neurology to be better able to respond to the situations that are creating the stress. Once the person has found a way to resolve the stress and retrained their neurology, the symptoms tend to disappear and life starts to flow again.

The Resolve process uses Kinesiology as an evaluative tool and applies Neuro-Training for recuperation of an individual in a congruent way. Our Genetics is one of the most reliable systems we have to function appropriately.

Much of the processes and techniques used by Neuro-training take advantage of the enormous potential we have within our own genetic make-up. This way we are not working with beliefs, the latest trend or just a good idea. We are working with the systems within you that already exist. Neuro-Training Kinesiology directs your inherent systems to express themselves in a more competent and integrated way.

The Neuro-Training (NT) and Kinesiology approach used by Philip looks at unresolved stress reactions in a person and any elements that may inhibit you from excelling. To determine this, many evaluative procedures are used. Philip uses NT Kinesiology to identify the patterns that inhibit your natural healing process.

Philip skills encompass a wide range of holistic health disciplines. This form of treatment trains your nervous system to work with all your other systems more congruently. The benefits are numerous. Generally, you perform better in anything you want to change or improve because you change the original references by breaking up old patterns and forming new ones. It re-trains you to use your resources and strengths. NT is a solution oriented healing modality, rather than problem or symptom orientated.

Many people use NT to improve the quality of their lives, improve their recuperation ability, their energy levels, relationships, finances and careers.

The Benefits experienced:

  • Learn more easily
  • Increased energy
  • Release stress
  • Personal growth
  • Express your unique individuality
  • Sleep better
  • Recuperate faster
  • Clear pain, physical or emotional
  • Recover fully