Neuro-Training Kinesiology

Neuro-Training Kinesiology is both an diagnosis and treatment tool for recuperation in a congruent way. Much of the processes and techniques used by Neuro-training Kinesiology take advantage of the enormous amount of information and potential of our genetic make-up. As a result we are not working with mental beliefs, the latest trend or just a good idea, we are accessing and working with your genes. Neuro-Training Kinesiology directs your inherent genetic system to express itself in a more competent, integrated and congruent way. For years we believed that genetics were set in stone but following the mapping of the human gernome we now understand that is not true. Genes can ‘turn on’ and ‘turn off’! The problem is that for most of us we have no idea what causes them to activate and deactivate. Neuro-training Kinesiology allows us to take control of that process.

The Neuro-Training (NT) Kinesiology approach I use looks for any unresolved stress reactions you may be exhibiting which may be holding you back – even if you are consciously unaware of them! Once identified via kinesiology and a wide range of holistic health disciplines I identify the patterns that neutralize the challenge and allow your natural healing process to work unobstructed.

This form of treatment trains your nervous system to work with all your other systems more congruently and the benefits are numerous and significant. It can help you break old, unhelpful patterns while creating new constructive ones in their place – all at a cellular, genetic level. It re-trains you to use your resources and strengths more effectively. As such NT is a solution oriented healing modality, rather than problem or symptom orientated healing modality.

Those who have experienced NT Kinesiology have reported the following benefits:

  • Sense of fulfillment and finally being ‘whole’ and ‘on purpose’
  • Improved relationships
  • Ability to learn more easily
  • Increased energy levels
  • Ability to release stress and manage it better
  • Personal growth
  • Career advancement
  • Better sleep
  • Recuperate faster after illness
  • Clear pain, physical or emotional


Study to become a Neuro-Training and Kinesiology Practitioner

Whatever the reason you embark on the Neurological Training and Kinesiology path, you can find it exhilarating, fascinating and fun. As a personal journey it can be a life changing experience. For professional study you will delight in the training, as it becomes an exciting and fulfilling vocation.

In your new Kinesiology career, you will train to become a respected professional Kinesiology practitioner.

Philip teaches accredited Kinesiology certificate and Kinesiology diploma courses and workshops.

If you are already an alternative health practitioner, learning Neuro-Training and Kinesiology is a valuable resource to add to your professional toolbox. Kinesiology allows you to pin point specific requirements needed for support by your client.


Certificate IV in Kinesiology (HLT42812)

Certificate IV in Kinesiology is a nationally recognised qualification intended to provide students with the necessary skills to become a respected professional practitioner with industry recognition.

This comprehensive course is structured into 9 integrated modules comprised of a combination of face-to-face training, self-paced training and self-paced computer based (on-line) training.

The modules are assessed via in-course assessments (practical, oral & written), assignments (self-study i.e. at home) and on-line written assessments.

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